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We are living, without any doubts, in the era of images. Understandable by everybody, the visual communication has become the most commune and direct language, the perfect medium to disseminate new and innovative ideas and generate vivacious debates.

The Italian Poster Biennial aims to focus public attention on social issues through the humanistic, holistic and ludic approach of the poster-design. The Organizers indeed believe in the design as a tool able to change the reality and to free people’s minds: for this reason the Biennial is organized as a moment for celebration and socialization. It also an international stage for professionals to discuss the state of art on the poster and social graphic design.

In occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Italian engagement in the I World War, the main theme/topic of the second edition is “WAR / Homo homini lupus“. A moment to think about conflicts: starting from global one between nations to the one between individuals, till arrive to the one within ourselves.

Every designer should have inside a bit of Ulysses’ spirit: his eagerness to venture into unknown seas and a little of his courage. Only the intellectual curiosity pushes people to increase their own knowledge and to have a critical approach to reality, this is the attitude of a free-man.
So: be brave and curious!